Wills and Probate

Florida residents and those who own property in the state would do well to draw up a will. Doing so can save relatives and other beneficiaries a great deal of hassle and heartache when one passes on.

However, beneficiaries of a valid will and close relatives of a person who did not draw up a will before death alike will find that hiring an experienced Florida attorney to navigate the probate process is the best way to ensure that all the decedent’s affairs are in order and there are no unexpected claims on the well or the decedent’s property.

Anyone who is tasked with executing a will should hire a seasoned Florida probate lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer can help one take inventory of assets, access a decedent’s safe deposit box, secure property, serve notice to creditors, and file taxes if required. If there is a valid will, a lawyer will file for summary administration, at which point the court will authorize the distribution of assets in accordance with the testator’s wishes.

In cases where there is no will, one or more parties are challenging a will, or creditors surface unexpectedly claiming that payment is due from a deceased person’s assets, a lawyer will help clients navigate the formal estate administration process to ensure they receive the benefits that are rightfully theirs.

McDonald & McDonald, PA, has years of experience helping the family and loved ones navigate the probate process. We handle cases in the Sunshine State and the Caribbean.

Our team of attorneys will help you avoid common probate pitfalls that could delay the execution of the will and ensure that all legalities are in order to prevent probate-related problems from arising in the future. Contact us at your convenience to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment with our wills and probate lawyer.