Real Estate

Real estate is an ideal investment, and savvy investors can turn good great profits buying and selling real estate in either Florida or the Caribbean thanks to the area’s strong market and high demand. However, investing in the real estate market can also be risky, as even a small mistake can cost an investor tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Thankfully, a good real estate attorney can reduce risks by helping a buyer or seller review paperwork to check for omissions, errors, misinformation, or lack of information that could cause problems before, during, or after a sale or purchase.

McDonald & McDonald, PA, has been representing real estate buyers and sellers in Florida and the Caribbean for years. Our firm helps to negotiate deals, draft and review contracts, conduct title searches, draw up title insurance paperwork, handle disputes and negations, deal with zoning and land use issues, and more. Our team also handles cases involving sensitive real estate sales, including short sales and foreclosure auctions.

Florida law does not require hiring a real estate attorney, but it is recommended to have one to provide legal assistance before and during the sale. If legal problems arise during a sale or purchase, our team provides court representation to protect a client’s interests.

While there are many lawyers in the state that one can pick from, some have more experience than others, and it is wise to hire someone familiar with your transaction to prevent problems and delays. This is true for complex sales and investments and simple, straightforward sales and purchases.

Call us if you plan on buying or selling residential or commercial real estate in Florida or the Caribbean. Our team will work with you to help the deal go through smoothly and without undue delays.